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iPhone and "Devices"

iPhone and "Devices"

Do you need to have the phone connected to the WiFi to have it show up in devices?

From what I can see there's no way to sync it like one would do with an iPod (just connect to PC). 

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I must confess, I thought you could do that. Have you tried pluging your iPhone into the USB cable then opening spotify on the device and on the desktop?

Hi there, 


Yes, in order to sync with Spotify you'll need to connect your iPhone and your computer to the same wifi network (make sure that your computer is connected to the wifi network wirelessly). Simply connecting the device to your computer won't work. 


Just so you know, full instructions on syncing your device can be found on our website FAQ

Then you should change the desktop application. Under the devices menu bar it currently reads:


"link up your iDevice with a USB cable to sync MP3s".


If what you actually mean is that you can only sync MP3s stored locally FROM the device using this method and not sync spotify playlists TO the device via the USB then this is highly confusing - infact I am confused just saying it. Worth a relook I think, currently annoying me no end.



You can sync local files to iPhone Spotify via USB, by enabling internet tethering on the phone (Personal Hotspot in settings?).

You can connect your computer to the same router/wi-fi network and it will show up under devices.


If that does not work just plug your device in with the white usb cable its simple.

Won't this use my dataplan?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean but if you're talking about synching your iphone over a wifi network then no, it won't use your phone data connection.

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