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iPhone app freezes while streaming

iPhone app freezes while streaming

For the past 6 hours or so, every time I play a song on the iPhone/iPod app, at some point in the song (anywhere, from 24 seconds in to 4 seconds from the end) the progress bar stops and the app/iPod stops responding completely. It also freezes when trying to open playlists and shifting between the Settings and Playlists, and experiences other random issues, such as scrambling the audio after moving the slider back a few seconds.

The strange part is that I didn't install an update or anything, it just started happening. I'm running an out-of-date iOS, but I've never experienced these issues before.

Will this just go away or am I doomed?
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I have the same problem

Same problem.....also the app freaks out when i get notifications 

My iPhone freezes when I open Spotify. It opens to previous spot on playlist and won't work!

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