iPhone stops playing when I switch apps or lock screen


iPhone stops playing when I switch apps or lock screen

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The subject says it all.  Recently updated phone to iOS 8.1, noticed this problem today.  Spotify will stop playing the track as soon as I leave the app (regardless of how I leave it), and refuses to play unless I'm in the application.


Looked through the forums... seems like some people had this problem a while ago, but nothing super recent.  Thoughts beyond uninstalling/reinstalling?  Really don't want to have to wait for all of my music to redownload to be stored locally if possible.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Today I experienced exactly the same.
Spotify was playing well, then I tried to play a video on Facebook. At that point Spotify automatically pauses, but when I resumed playing, I needed to keep the Spotify app opened, because when I open another app it stops playing.

For me to solve this problem was close the Spotify app and re-open it.

I had this problem only when there's another app wanting to play something, so I think the problem isn't at Spotify.

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This has been happening to me for the past week or so... and it's almost impossible to use the app without interruption.

I am not using other apps at the same time either... when it goes to the lock screen or i go back to the home screen, it plays for a few seconds and then stops until i reopen the app and it resumes where i left off.

i have tried force quitting the app, restarting my phone, etc... only thing i didn't do was reinstall the app.


This has started happening to a lot of people I know who use Spotify. There doesn't appear to be a fix, either, because like everyone has said - closing the app, closing other apps, or force quitting things doesn't work. It doesn't even help to reboot the device. It does seem to be something exclusive to iPhone, though, so hopefully Spotify fixes this before they lose more users. 

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Can you guys listen to Spotify while browsing this audio engineering blog?

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Every page load stops my Spotify music. I tried restarting Spotify.

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Any update on this? It's a little ridiculous to think all other apps have to be closed in order for Spotify to run. And even still when I have closed all other apps, it still pauses when I lock the phone. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same problem continues. Waiting for an update or something but it looks like this has been an ongoing problem for years. Does anyone have a definite answer?


This worked for me. Another app was trying to play a video so Spotify only played audio once the app was open. Closing other apps worked.




Wow this is super late but for all others coming to this to check for answers just double click the home button and delete the app page not the app and then open it up again. That’s how I fixed it.