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iPhone streaming over WiFi issues

iPhone streaming over WiFi issues

I am running Spotify on an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1, the latest update. For some reason, when I stream over WiFi it's buffering every 10-20 seconds. I've restarted the phone, logged out and back in to Spotify, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and still the same problem. I have been using this with no problems for the past month until tonight. Oddly, when I turn WiFi off and use 3G, it seems to work fine. I know it is not the speed of my WiFi because I have tested that, and it is quite a bit faster than my 3G connection. Anyone have any ideas? Anything would be appreciated. 

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This seems to have been a one-off thing just for that night, but I'm still interested if anyone else has experienced this problem. Please let me know. 

Same here hickups all the time! I have not seen any response from Spotify regarding this issue. 

But I read more and more of the same on several community sites

Yes me .... I have a premium account just one day. 


I had the same issue last night. Didn't happen on Rdio or on regular wifi streaming via the iPhone. Seems restricted to Spotify Premium.

Do you have bluetooth on? I have an iPhone 5 and I notice when I'm using my bluetooth headphones the song halts all the time. Soon as I use my wired Sennheisers - no problem playing hours of music. Apparently, iOS 6 has a big issues with Bluetooth and WiFi. I had the same problem with my 4S. But just thought it was a WiFi problem.

I have the same issues except it happens everytime I use wifi. It doesn't happen every song but when it does it's usually when its changing to the next song. I've turned on the "crossfade" and gapless playback but it doesn't seem to work very consistently. It seems to do fine on 3g though. I have an iPhone 4s running iOS6 with spotify up to date and everything.

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