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iPhone4 Bluetooth streaming to 730N Navigation units

iPhone4 Bluetooth streaming to 730N Navigation units

I can't seem to get the Spotify to play over Bluetooth to the 730N head unit that came with my Jeep, it will work just fine when connected with the ipod cable, but no bluetooth streaming.  Anyone else have this issue with the same head unit.  This is the new unit in 2012 all dodge, jeep, & chrysler models, so I'm sure this issue will become more prevalent.

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I too am wishing that this capability existed.  I have tried everything I can think of and it just wont stream, shich sucks because for anything else that I do with my phone and my 730N stereo I dont need a cable.  Wish spotify and the stereo people could work this out so I could be a real player in my ride...

Bmiller, looks like I got it going.  This is what I do.


Pair the phone of course.  when its paired.  each time you get into the vehicle, WAIT until bluetooth is connected, it will show you on the screen, then under media, select devices, then choose the bluetooth audio iphone4, whatever name you set it up as.  If it right away says error unable to stream, hit devices again and select it again, and everytime for me, it starts working.  the controls seem to work it fine too.

Not the Prettiest of solutions, but it seems also it connects more on the first try.  Of course always waiting first until it shows my signal bars and battery showing that bluetooth has established...  never take my phone out of my pocket now, its great.  


Also FYI, i have the 730N rhr if that matters.  I know there is a rer model i think it is, if you have that, there is a iPhone4 update.


go here to get that


I have 730N RER, and it does not work the way you described. 😞

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