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iPod Nano Synching and Local Files Message

iPod Nano Synching and Local Files Message

I'm not having a problem syncing I have that down, but it says "only local files have been synced".  I am on the free trial of premium right now, so I'm not sure if that is what is limiting my being able to sync or not.  If it is, is there a way to just skip the free trial and go to full premium?  Also if that is the case it isn't REALLY a free trial of premium it is a free taste of trial.  If this isn't the issue is it something else or are you limited as to what you can sync?  If that is the case I won't be continuing, because my whole point of having the premium is to be able to more have the music on my iPod.  


Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hey Mom2tyky, welcome to the Community.


Take a look at our thread over here. In short, you'll only be able to sync local files to your iPod Nano I'm afraid.

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