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My iPod Classic died and most of the songs I had on it were from friends' iPods.  I am thinking about getting an iPod Touch because I was able to find most of the songs on Spotify.  It is my understanding that if I get Spotify Premium, I can listen to my music library when I am offline (when driving, running, etc.)  Is this correct?  Also, if I am not near an internet source, can I search for new music with Premium, or can I only listen when offline?

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Maalsup1 - You're right. You can listen to Spotify's music on an iPod touch. The Spotify iPhone app will run on the iPod touch in the same way that it does on the iPhone (except that internet access is only over wi-fi).

You can read more about it here:

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How can I listen to spotify on ipod touch. It keeps telling me to upgrade to premium or sync from my pc and i don't know how?

johngjg - You can find all about syncing your local files over to your device right here, and you can upgrade to Premium right here.

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