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iPod app has given me access to the premium service?

iPod app has given me access to the premium service?


This may seem weird but the iPhone/iPod app decided to start syncing all the tracks that I do not own, and allows me to play any song I want.

I was listening to my music with the app in the background and it started playing songs that I didn't have as local files. I was confused, switched to the app to find out why and was shocked to find it was working as if I am a premium subscriber. I am not, and have checked my account page on this website and that confirms I am on Spotify Free.


Just thought I'd let you know

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Welcome to the Community!


When you first install and use the mobile app, you are automatically enrolled in a 48-hour trial of Spotify Premium.  Once this trial expires, you will no longer be able to use the mobile application as it is only accessible with the Premium service.  For more infotmaion on the differences between the different types of accounts, visit this page here: .


Hope this helps!

Hey jvanderb,

I have been using the spotify application for sometime for syncing my local files to my iPod...

I have already had the 48-hour trial period and I believe that shows up in the account details page on the website!


It has returned to the free version of the app - very odd!

Kudos for being honest anyway 😉

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