Offline playlist problems

Offline playlist problems




I suddenly got a message that I had offline playlists on more than three devices, som I had to re-synch everything on my phone, even though I havent made any changes, and I only have offline on three devices. I dont have anymore devices to have it synched on, so a bit strange? I can see why it happens when I have changed phone, but this time it was nothing like that. 

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Hi MrB


This sounds related to an issue we're aware of for the iPhone--please see this other thread for more information. 


What we could do is reset your devices, allowing you to start with a clean slate in connecting devices. Keep an eye on your inbox as I've just sent you an email asking for a few details. 



I got your mail, and that leaves me with another question off this topic 🙂

That mail account is soon ending, because of change of ISP. But I cant find a place to change my default e-mail adress?

Can you help me with that as well? I'm at work now, and that mailadress canonly receive mails from here, so I could send a reply on it this evening if you need me to. 

I'd rather not leave any of my credit card numbers on this forum 🙂

The e-mail I want to change to, is





Hi Bendik,


You can change your default email address quite easily from our website.


Just select 'Log in' in the upper righthand corner and then 'Login in with your Spotify details'. Then click on your 'mrbruud' username and select 'Edit Profile' from the drop down menu.

Perfect 😄

I'll send a mail to with the mail you sent me, and with the info you need.
Thanks for the help so far!


I'm having the same issue and I was wondering if you could wipe my account as well. 


My problem with Offline playlists, is that it takes forever to download them. Is there a problem with my internet connection, or does it take a long time to download songs in the playlists if I have a song in more than playlist?

Also when I play songs from a playlist offline, it doesn't update on my Facebook page, or on my page. Is that normal?


I'm having the same exact problems. Every two weeks or so (actually, more recently, every few days) it says I have more than one set of offline playlists and gets rid of all my offline playlists on my iPhone (4GS). I have Spotify on other devices but I've never gone offline on any of the other ones.

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