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iPod integration - just to make this clear for myself

iPod integration - just to make this clear for myself



first of all - thank you for wonderfull service


Concerning the iPod integration I think this question is answered in few places, but jut be sure:

- the only iPod device able to sync offline playlist from Spotify is iPod touch?

- other iPod devices (Nano, Classic...) can't do this?


Is there some requirements concerning the software version on iPod touch - iOS 5?


Thank you

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Duschka35 - You're quite right.

The music in Spotify can only be played through the Spotify app. As the other iPod devices (Nano, Classic, Shuffle) don't have internet access and can't support the app, they won't be able to play the music. The iPod touch however, can support the app and has internet access. This enables you to stream the music in Spotify, as well as make it 'available offline'.

At present, it is a requirement to have iOS version 4.0 and above on your iPod touch. If or when this will be changed, I don't know just yet.


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