iPod track problem


iPod track problem


I have an iPod 4th generation and an android and I have spotify premium 

I have a problem with the song "Love love love" by Of Monsters and Men

it will contoniously play on spotify on my iMac 

but when I try listeneing to it on my mobile devices it will stop working around 1:48 

and it pops up and says "Unable to play track"

So I was like okay, i'll just find the song and download it and make a single playlist for it


Nope, even when I did that it stops at exactly 1:48


Is this just me?? I just want to fall asleep to this song without having to go and sync the song using iTunes ((plz no)))

ily spotify you are my life okay just please fix this <3333333

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Re: iPod track problem


Hey sophiaalmeida, thanks for posting. Try deleting that track from your local files then re-adding it and syncing it to your iPod. That should refresh it and hopefully fix it.


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