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iphone app w free account: Playlist start always with the same songs in same order

iphone app w free account: Playlist start always with the same songs in same order







iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 11.4.1


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Hi, I've realized that in my Spotify app on my iphone, playlists always start with the same song and are played in the same order for the remaining songs. This is not the case with the Desktop Version (Mac Book Pro) and it was also not the case several weeks ago in the iphone app. Is this a feature of the free account app version or a bug? 🙂 

And if it's a feature, will this change with the premium account?

Thanks in advance.


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Hey @shah1973, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We'll definitely be able to help. 


Do you have Shuffle enabled when this happens? Does logging out and back in make a difference?


Let us know how it goes.

Hi Sergio,


Logging out and back in does not make a difference.


Shuffle is somehow pre-set for some of the playlists, but not all, and I don't know how to change that. I knew how to do that in earlier versions of the app.


I have the problem also with the daily mix, which is supposed to be auto-shuffle, right?


Best regards,



It's so awesome that you're there to help the newcomers with such eagerness. 

It must be so gratifying to know that you're making a difference. 
Now, would you perhaps consider having a look into RESPONDING in some way to the many individuals that have been expressing their disappointment in the lack of Spotify's staff responding in any way to their concerns of how their Chromecast Audio devices are not working as they should?
This kind of request has been put on other posts and all attempts to communicate respectfully about this topic have been made. There is absolutely no way of suggesting that the Spotify Staff have not either noticed the call for help from your users, but have also completely ignored your users collaboratively.

Enough is Enough! 




I've realized that some playlists which are preset on auto-shuffle still start with the same songs.

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