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iphone podcast list not updating

iphone podcast list not updating


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This issue has been plauging me for weeks now. I have two phones, both with the spotify app installed. This morning I started listening to a podcast on my pixel, and I wanted to continue listening on my iphone when I arrived at work (I don't get good cell reception on my pixel so it eats data). When I opened spotify on my iphone, I browsed to the podcast in question and the newest episode, that I was just listening to this morning on another device, isn't available. I cleared my search history, shut down the app, restarted the phone, and still cannot get the episode to display. I would say that points to a likely phone issue but I don't know what else I could do to refresh the connection. Are android and iOS updated independently? Any remedy here? It seems pretty ridiculous to have to find an available podcast seperately when I'm paying for a premium spotify account. 



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One additional point, I'm still able to listen to other streaming content on spotify, so it's clearly an update issue, nothing to do with connectivitiy. 

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