local files on mobile device

local files on mobile device


i've been trying to sync my local files from my laptop to my phone, but no avail. I've already read a lot of threads regarding this issue,but eveything i do failed.


1. I've ensured that i'm connected to the same wifi

2. Files downloaded could be played on my laptop,it just couldn't be played on my phone

3. The same file could be played in itunes and windows media player as well.

4. I tried to adjust the firewall under inbound rules to allow, but still failed. 


Can anyone please help? 

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Try this. From the menu in spotify for desktop chose settings. Then go to the section "Local files". You can then select a predefined source like e.g. itunes or add a new source were your local files could be found.


In the spotify desktop app you should  now see a "Local Files" library on the left side panel. Create a new play list, e.g. "My Local Files" and add all tracks from the "Local Files" library to this new play list. You should then be able to synchronize this "My Local Files" playlist from your phone.

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