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lost all my playlists.

lost all my playlists.

Hi. i logged on spotify through Facebook. But the problem is, that all my playlists are gone. I cant remember my loggin name, and when i tell spotify to send me resett pasword mail, i get nothing. So is there two users or one. wil i find my playlist is i use spotify details? Please help

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It seems like you may have created a duplicate account. However, I couldn't seem to locate this original account. Do you have any other email addresses that you might be linked to an account at all?
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The same thing happened to me the other day.  I realized that my log in for Spotify was different than my Facebook login.  I have premium (Paid) on my regular Spotify but when I signed in through Facebook it showed I did't have premium, so it dawned on me there were two accounts and they don't recognize each other.    Once I got out of Facebook and signed in from my computer and phone, everything was there thank god!  If you don't remember your log in info, just contact them!

Hope it helps.

I lost my connection/account. I renewed my billing, but lost my playlists.

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