mobile issues


mobile issues

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When Spotify became available in my country I immediately went premium so I could ditch iTunes and use Spotify to listen to music in my car in stead. I was already using Spotify at work via a proxy so I knew is was amazing. Unfortunately, the Spotify app has been a huge dissapointment for a number of reasons:

- App usability. Spotify for desktop may be ok to use, but just downsizing it to a miniature duplicate for mobile is wrong. It just doesn't work on the move. Searching for tracks in a playlist is impossible and sorting & filtering options are non-existant. I can't even do a search in my local files.
- No cable sync. Why do I need wifi to sync? Give me the option to use wifi when I want to. It just doesn't make sense.
- Random sync issues. I have re-installed the iPhone app several times because sync stopped working, random tracks were not being synced or threw up errors when played.
- Car controls. This is more of a personal issue. I can use my car's (2012 VW Golf) prev/next, volume & other controls with all other iPhone apps but not Spotify. However, it does read track titles, artist & album names so something is working.

I was hopeful that all these issues existed because the mobile app was relatively young and they would be resolved as time went by. Well, I can't remember a single upgrade. Ever. Which worries me for the future. I love Spotify, I really do, but I can't go on paying for it for much longer if the app isn't improved. I don't expect all the above issues to be resolved at once but acknowledgement these issues exist and someone is working on improving the app would be a great start.

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The Application on my Mac has cable sync as well as wifi sync.

But as to your issue with car controls my car with iPod function with the navigation doesn't work either.

I started to use bluetooth for audio vs. the cable in my car it still works if you want to charge and go over bluetooth and it works fine now and I can scroll forward and backwards just fine.

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I haven't been able to use Spotify connected with usb cable to my car stereo in months. It will play a song or two and then get confused trying to read from the device. I've resorted to playing over bluetooth, but the sound isn't nearly as good and my iphone doesn't get charged.


PLUS, there is this incredibly annoying sound in between songs when it does work, I don't know how to explain it. Kind of a "buddle-le-bup". Some sort of control tones, or something. I've heard it when using my bluetooth stereo headphones too. What is it?

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Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems, but thanks for the feedback. There's some more info regarding sound effects for remote control here


And it is actually possible to search/filter a playlist. Just swipe down in the playlist view and a search field will appear. Same thing for local files and starred tracks.