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multiple devices not playing

multiple devices not playing

I am trying to log into my account on 2 different devices and while they are both logged in. It only lets one of them have the premium abilities. On the second device it only lets me listen to the radio and tells me im not a premium member. Please help so I can enjoy on both devices.
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this is normal behaviour for spotify.  If you want to use 2 devices at once you will need to buy 2 premium licences. 

With a premium account you can access 3 different mobile devices. However you can only stream from 1 at a time.

Try logging out, restarting your mobile device and log back in. Premium features sometimes take a while to apply to all devices.

Make sure you also enter the right account details.


If you still got problems with that, just get in contact with the Online contact form.

If you get an automated answer, just reply directly to it.

I find it hard to believe that I have to have 2 memberships to listen on my Roku, and work on playbills on my PC. Greed will get you nowhere and you are the only music service with this condition.

You don't see that allowing playback on multiple devices simultaneously would lead to gross abuse? Just out of curiousity, how do you listen to two simultaneous streams?

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