my phone can't sync for offline mode


my phone can't sync for offline mode


Hi! I recently bought spotify premium and I'm having some issues with the app on my iPhone, I own an iphone 5c and when I try to make

a playlist for offline mode the phone doesn't sync the music and I don't know why because I didn't have this issue before, I have wifi in my house and my phone is conected to it and everything is working fine but not the sync, I also have a MacbookPro and the sync is working 100% on my computer and I'm making playlist for offline mode just fine, but when I return to my phone and activate the offline mode the playlist are no longer available! please help! 

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Re: my phone can't sync for offline mode

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Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app on your iPhone?


Then try again to sync for offline mode and see if it works.