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my spotify playlist

my spotify playlist

I have the spotify app on my phone and it refuses to allow me to pick a song. All it does is flash the stupid shuffle button. It's making me really frustrated because I like to listen to my music in the pattern I had made it. Also I would like to listen to a certain song depending on my mood and I can't so that anymore. I have upwards of 100 songs on Mr playlist so trying to find that one song on shuffle is darn near impossible. Does anybody know how to fix my dilemma?
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Do you have Spotify Premium? On demand listening on a mobile phone is a Spotify Premium only feature. 

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No I don't. But I was already previously listening to it with no issue. I was in class when it closed out and when I reopened it that's what happened


When you first login on your mobile device, you get a free 48 trial of premium, maybe that is why you were able to listen on demand. Shuffle is the only thing free (except radio) for mobile right now, here is the offical release.

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