not sync the songs in offline mode with iPhone 5

not sync the songs in offline mode with iPhone 5

Hi Everyone I wonder if anyone can help. My laptop says I have 920 songs in my playlist but when trying to sync to my I phone only 898 come up. I've also found that its not syncing very well anymore? is any one else having problems? Also on the iphone when it says make collabritive what does this mean as when I clicked on this it added another couple of songs? but im not sure what this means. I need to get this working as its the playlist I have in my salon and as you can imagine you need lots of songs so you don't hear repeats. Thanks for your help in advance
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Collaborate means that you and your friends can add songs to a playlist, are any of the songs local files in the playlists (songs you downloads from iTunes, Amazon)? If so, you would need to connect your iPhone to the same Wifi network and sync it that way, here is good post on this.




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