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not working..still..

not working..still..



i've just redeemed a code for spoify premium, its says on my account that its active till next month but on my iphone and desktop it says i need to get premium..i dont fancy paying for something that i cant even use..


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Same problem here, please help!!!

do you think i'd should ring up and ask them?

Go ahead and give it a shot.


@FranDarvill wrote:

do you think i'd should ring up and ask them?

Spotify don't have a telephone number 😉 

You can however get in touch with them at any time using the online contact form.


I have seen a few posts on the community about this, hopefully it is just a temporary delay in the upgrade process. Keep trying logging out and back in again. There is an official support topic for this here.



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oh that woulda been awkward trying to find there number then ahah!

yeah same, i'll give them a email if its not working, thanks for your help


Are we the only ones having this problem? I literally tried everything, the desktop spotify app nor the iphone app recognize that i have a premium account.


Its driving me crazy.

im not sure, apparently there is a delay, so probally a lot of us..just have to wait i guesse.. i know how you feel. im going spare!



1. Log out of Spotify App!!!

2. Log out of Facebook App

3. Log into Facebook App

4. Open Spotify and Log-in via Facebook


Worked for me. Running on iPhone 4.

oh, crap. didnt work 😕 

i just tried that..not working for me! 😞 xxx

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