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playlist photos and social problems

playlist photos and social problems







iPhone 8


The iphone spotify app contains a whole host of problems. If any of these are fixable, I'd be grateful for any solutions (also note that I am using the latest iOS and app updates, so please don't suggest looking to either of these for fixes. They have nothing to do with this. Spotify's development team is the problem.)



First of all, Spotify, PLEASE let mobile users change playlist pictures. For that matter, please let ALL PLATFORMS BESIDES MAC CHANGE PLAYLIST PICTURES. It would seem like the catering heavily to apple users in allowing them exclusively to change these pictures would extend to the entire product company line, but in your quest for mediocrity, you only sell this feature to the highest bidder (i.e., those who pay $800 or more for macs). It would take almost no time to change this, people are constantly asking for this change, and then instead of giving them what they really want, you bombard them with Drake every time he releases a new song. You guys could do so much better than this. 

Second of all, please let a mobile user's experience with their followers be more positive. The mobile app (and again, EVERY OTHER PLATFORM OTHER THAN MAC) suffers in its shallow social services, and doesn't let a user interact with their followers other than seeing who they are. When someone follows your playlist, you have to hope and pray that its one of your mutuals, because looking through your followers' playlists are the only way you can find out if they are indeed interested in their playlist. I know (because so many other users have expressed the same frustration on this forum and gone unhelped) that we, the non-mac spotify users, want to connect with people who like what we've made. Spotify is always saying stuff like "craft a perfect playlist that is uniquely you" and thousands of people do every day. Making a playlist that flows well and cultivates a vibe isn't easy, so when you get a follower on your playlist, that shows that someone else out there appreciates your hard work. Whatever pride you feel in this instance, however, is ripped out of your hands by the spotify developers, because you can't see who your playlist followers are. They could be your friends, family members, or people who just appreciate your work as much if not more than you do, but all you can do is speculate. You cannot know, and may NEVER know, because spotify themselves have said that they have no interest in ever showing you who your playlist followers are. Who was happy upon hearing this? Nobody. Who wants to see their playlist followers? Almost everybody. Does spotify care about giving users a postive social musical experience like they constantly claim to do? It becomes harder every day to believe such a thing. You also have no friend feed on non-mac, either. I'll never know what my mac user friends are up to, never know if we both happen to like the same song, never forge that connection that only a song can make on my phone. They, on the other hand, have the special priviledge of seeing everything i ever listen to, silently judging me without giving me room to defend myself. 

I really don't want to have to be writing this. Honestly and truly, spotify is something i love and use constantly, and I don't like seeing it become what it has become. All it needs to do is make its very limited experience universal, and problems would shoot down. The positive user experience it claims to cultivate would actually become reality. And comparatively, I have very little to complain about. Windows and Chrome users can do even less with their spotify accounts on their devices than i can on my phone, which is really sad considering they have hardware that competes with and in some cases surpasses that of the mac. So please, spotify, please make your experience for those without a mac better. Please dont make us have to keep on complaining when the fixes could be so simple. And please, Please dont make us iphone users have to switch to apple music. I'd rather not sell out if i dont have to.

Hugs and Kisses,



p.s. (if any of what i said can be done on the iphone, please prove me wrong. I would be overjoyed if these problems are only due to my struggle with the confusing interfaces of this app)   



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Hey @shhayes, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this!

I made sure to pass this feedback to the right folks at Spotify 🙂

Don't worry! Spotify is on the works for a better social engangenment in the app but I don't know how it will be or when it will be released, if you are interested you may sign up for the Beta to be amongst the first to try it when it becomes available.

Desktop apps of Spotify look and work the same accross the platforms, Windows & macOS and Linux. None of the platforms have advantages over the other. So it means that the Mac users don't benefit more than the Windows or Linux users. It means that the Friend Feed is available there too 🙂


Thanks again for providing your feedback and if there is anything else I can help you with, just give me a shout 😉

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