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playlist radio does not match playlist

playlist radio does not match playlist

I was listening to the radio of an album of the artist Kommandant ( some obscure metal band). And the the artist itself was not on that radio. A scrolled down pretty far and no Kommandant. When I listen to artist radio I do not have this problem. This only occurs when I put the album on a playlist and than go to the radio of that playlist. When I go directly to album radio I do not have this problem. 


Why is this a problem for me? I like the radio/ daily mix type of listening. I make a short playlist with four or five artists and then play that radio. That works great. But this artist never shows up when I listen like that. And it happens to be my favorite artist. Kommandant also doesnt show up in daily mixes by the way. 


This happens with a few other artists too (eg the heads are zeroes).  It seems like an unimportant bug but there is another weird thing. These artists do not show up in daily mixes. And that is important in my opnion. It feels like a small programming error and not as something intentional. 

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It is a common thing that Spotify does to introduce more artists/songs to you. 


When I listen to a Green Day radio for example, it plays a little bit of Green Day, but more 90’s punk than Green Day itself.


Im not sure if there is a way to fix it, but it’s normal.

The point was that the radio does not contain the artist at all. What tou describe is what should happen. Some songs of the artist and other songs. Not zero songs of that artist. I played that radio for several hours and the artist never played once!


Some artists do not get any plays at all. It seems that these are the same that do not appear in the daily mixes. 



Is it a custom playlist that you yourself made? Or is it a Spotify-made playlist? 


I looked at the number of Kommandant’s songs, and there’s only 40. That could be the problem, if they don’t have a lot of songs.


An indie-sort-of rock band that I listen to, Palaye Royale, I try to listen to their radio on my Google Home, and it never plays them.


Im quite sure it’s normal, but to fix it, you should probably go to the Spotify Answers section, and perhaps they could help you?


I apologize that I’m not very helpful in this field of knowledge 😅

It seems the issue is with unknown bands. But the amount of songs does not seem to be an issue with other bands. Thanks for the reply.  

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