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problemas while connecting to car audio system

problemas while connecting to car audio system

I have problems with my iphone 5 (updated) while connecting to USB port , Spotify runs "plays the songs" but the sound does not comes out. My husbands iphone 6 plus works fine but no with mine, could somebody help me!? I'm desperate! thanks!

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Hey! Presumably you're using the same cable, right? And nothing is in the headphones port at the time....?


In my experience, sometimes the process of elimination will help solve your problem. Try rebooting the iPhone (this solves SO many random issues 🙂 )


- What car or headunit?

- Has it ever worked before?

- When you say updated, I'm assuming it's the latest version of iOS? 

- Are you playing offline music or streaming via 3G?


Cheers! J



I already delete and reinstall the app, reboot the phone and nothing happens. I have a pioneer radio system in the car and i´m trying to listen to offline music.


before, i used to listen music from the music iphones app and had no problem



How very strange!! So does your Pioneer system still work with the normal iTunes app and your phone? Is it literally just Spotify that's not playing ball?

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