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ps4 spotify

ps4 spotify

Im paying for premium i was saving playlist on my ps4 now i go in it only gives me the songs in a great long list line i used to have albums saved playlist saved and when i go on i would click on a specific playlist to play now under your music is just "songs" it used to show me all my saved albums in list then after was saved playlist after that was songs it seem now all the playlist and albums emptied themsselves into the songs one by one this sucks i dont want to go through all 10000 songs to find the genre i want meanwhile everything shows fine on my sony phone. I want the ability to look and pick @ my playlists and albums back not individual songs plz fix this
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And my ps4 id is supersoncroni4 my spotify i believe is logged in under fb and syced with ps music on my phone so that would Aaron Colwill i think i cant remember my origanal id for spotify

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