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"songs" dont sync when locked (and even not afterwards)

"songs" dont sync when locked (and even not afterwards)



the following is driving me crazy:

- I am listening to any music on my laptop (connected to internet)

- when I find a cool song, I hit the "plus" button, to put it on my "songs" list


so far, so good: song is added to my "songs" list on laptop


- now, on my iphone, the "songs" list gets only updated when iPhone is unlocked & app is in foreground

- when iPhone is locked, there is no sync, even after unlocking, the added song(s) don't show up

- I have to deselect & select them on my laptop while iphone unlocked - voila, they are synced immediately


iphone / laptop: latest versions, iphone connected through 4g, has enough memory left etc.


any ideas?



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