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When I save music to my library the whole album appears there now instead of just the songs I saved.  This is a problem for playback, considering how many albums have dozens of bonus tracks, or just a few bad songs I don't want and had unsaved.  Please change this back ASAP, it makes no sense that you changed it in the first place

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SAME!! I always browse my library via albums. I've done that since the old iPod days and using "Cover Flow" display. The main reason I do this is because, let's face it, not every song on every album is a gem. I could just set the loop button to "repeat one." Unfortunately, Spotify resets the "repeat one" to continuous loop whenever you switch songs. Thus making it easier to forget to turn it back on each and every time. 


I only noticed the problem began just last week and it's slowly driving me crazy. At first, I thought it was an internet connection thing because I was having trouble with my service, but now that it's fixed it still persists. It was so much easier the way they had it before and now I feel they just want to be lazy and not have to code it so it separates songs from albums.

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