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search not working after upgrading to premium account

search not working after upgrading to premium account

search runs and returns "an error has occurred. please try again" over and over


tried a hard reset. uninstalled and reinstalled. deleted all my data. nothing seems to fix it


worked fine before i upgraded today. 

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same thing's happening to me, I don't recall doing anything differently


I've been a premium user for months and not once had a problem before

Same thing is happening to me. I just upgraded the Spotify App just to be safe, Also turned off the phone. And also tried holding both sleep/wake button and home to restart it that way and nothing.  I do not want to delete the app I have all my music offline.  Using And Iphone 5S iOS 7.1

Seems lots ofd users are affected, including myself.  Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon.

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Add me to the growing list. Search is broken on iOS. All day for me.

Should be back up and running again now!

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