Why's that? I followed a specific playlist from my friend. When I looked at his playlist he has 40 or more but mine is 25 or something. And I looked at his playlist he has this specific song, but I don't have it! How come?
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Hey @Micicimartin22


Let me start by wishing you a warm welcome to the Spotify Community.


So I can take a look into things, what seems to be the issue? Your post seems a little unclear. Don't worry though, with a little more information I'm positive I'll be able to help you out 🙂


Thanks in advance.



Hello 🙂

That specific song you say, I'm taking a guess that you are talking about local files. If you are talking about local files (which can't be found in the search engine in Spotify but you have to import it yourself), you either:

A: Go to Youtube, find your song, copy the URL, go to Youtube to MP3 converter and download the song.

B: Buy your song in iTunes.

If you don't have a Mac but you have Windows, download iTunes in your Windows and do the steps. You need a computer to make this work.
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