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sound quality apple watch

sound quality apple watch

I mean guys... for real?!

I was so happy to go to the gym with my apple watch only... I turn on the music and it sounds like crap.

Even in 1998, the standard was 128 Kbps, this sounds like 96 Kbps at max...

What is this? Why do they limit the streaming quality?

Will be a reason for me to cancel my subscription... it's like taking their customers for idiots who won't even notice the difference.

How can I fix this?!
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Hi @Danou2205, hope you're having a great day so far, and thanks for your post!


Currently, the Spotify app doesn't have an option to change the quality for the Apple Watch app.
That's most likely because Apple Watch doesn't have lots of storage and a good internet connection speed as your phone would.

The more the song size is, the more space the song will take up from your Apple Watch. That's why Spotify probably doesn't have an option to change it.


If you want to know more about the Spotify app for Apple Watch, you can also visit the support page.

Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.


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I just bought an Apple Watch 8 together with some Urbanear Boo earbuds. 

And in the beginning I online tried the earbuds wirh the watch and Spotify and my femlings was ”**bleep** should hade bought better ear buds no clarity and no bass and painfully schrill on higher volume” - UNTIL I tested the same earbuds with my iPhone and Spotify  (settings High quality) - what a difference - now the earbuds rivaled Apples…. So yes real bad streaming and download quality on Spotify Watch… why? Not? Let? Us? Choose? 

And if there is some Apple limit in storage per watch app then AT LEAST allow streaming at high quality (I have an LTE-enabled watch) and processor speed (and for that matter ssd size) is on par with an iPhone 4s on the Watch and as far as I can remember Spotify could do quality settings on that old device 🙂

Hey Mateus let us choose that. I have apple watch ultra LTE and when I am doing my outdoor sport I want to listen good qualty music. Give that option to us pls..

I second what emir-gazelle said, please let us choose for ourselves. My watch is connected to LTE & WIFI, there's no reason I'd need to save on data / song size. It's no different than streaming via the same connections on my phone. When running & lifting weights it's much preferable to leave my phone behind. But I'm stuck with finding a way to fasten my giant phone to my person because the quality of music streamed from watch via Spotify is 1/4 the quality.

I have the same issue. I am considering quitting spotify for this. I have a good lte connection on my watch, no need to save up space or data. most people today have it this way. We want good quality music on a watch and need to be able to choose the quality ourselves!

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