spotify app pauses music upon opening facebook app in ios7

spotify app pauses music upon opening facebook app in ios7


i recently installed ios7 on my phone and noticed since upgrading, when using the spotify app, music automatically pauses when i open other apps such as facebook and instagram.


i understand that with IG's addition of videos, videos will play automatically while scrolling through one's feed (resulting in competing audio), but the default immediate pause on spotify seems like a new thing. 


can you confirm and make any suggestions to remedy this? i've tried looking in both apps' settings to see if this would be an easy fix, but am coming up empty-handed.


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Same! Before the update it used to still play in the background but a muted version but no I have to either listen to spotify or go on most apps. Surely Spotify didn't think this would improve the app?!

That shouldn't be happening (it's not a feature). Have you tried restarting you device to see if it still happens?

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