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spotify free don't work on ipod touch 2g

spotify free don't work on ipod touch 2g


Spotify free don't work on my ipod 2g why?he asked me i must have a premium account.

Spotify free work is the new generation of ipod touch ?(ios 5.0 or upper)

thanks for your help!


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Hi. You'll be running an older version of spotify which is compatible with your touch. You need iOS 5 or newer to be able to run the up to date version of spotify which is required for Free Spotify I'm afraid.

You need iOS 6 or above to run the Spotify free enabled apps.

Unfortunately, Spotify will not be adding Spotify free into apps supported on iOS 4/5 since they are now legacy/discontinued.

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This is not a very environmentally friendly spirit.Throw my old ipod touch 2g and buy a new ipod touch to use Spotify is not very good.


No one's suggesting you should throw it away. Take it to an Apple store and not only will they recycle it for free but you will also get a 10% discount on your new ipod 🙂

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