spotify synchronization errors when using spotify connect


spotify synchronization errors when using spotify connect






iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 12.4.1 but error happened on earlier iOS versions already


My Question or Issue

Error conditions:

- using spotify on an iPhone connected to a Denon Receiver via spotify connect

- listening to a playlist


1. Using the slider as fast forward on the current song jumps to a random song of the playlist instead of jumping forward on the current song.

2. Skip to the next song jumps to a randomly selected song instead of skipping to the next song of the current playlist, although shuffle is not turned on.

3. The song shown on the receiver's display and the one shown on the iPhone are different

4. When selecting a song directly from the playlist it is played on the device but a different song is shown by the app. Need to select the song a second time (sometimes severeal times) so app and device are synced again.