syncing 7th gen ipod nano with spotify

syncing 7th gen ipod nano with spotify

Just picked up a new Ipod (7th gen Nano) today and can't sync it with spotify why is that?  Really dont want to use itunes. 

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Hi. There's an ongoing bug connected with the "new" lightning connector which prevents the desktop client from seeing the device so unfortunately, you won't be able to use your nano until this is resolved.

I've just bought a 7th generation iPod Nano. My recently bought (new) Shuffle worked just fine with Spotify synching offline content, as does my Samsung S4 as a recognised device.


My new iPod Nano, however isn't recognised by Spotify whetever I do. I see from the community here that this issue 'bug' seems to have been outstanding for over 12 months and can't be resolved by connecting to my Mac Air via Bluetooth either. Is this 'bug' going to be fixed?



We did hear rumours a fix was incoming a while back, but that seems to have died away. Unfortunately, since the downloads store has been removed from Spotify and iPod sync can only be used to sync local files (which tied in with the download store) I would imagine its probably a low priority issue for the development teams. 

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how an i get my music off spotifly and put it on my 7 th gen nano?

Hey @joefraiter12


Thanks for your post.


Unfortunately, it's not possible to use iPod Nano's with Spotify. You can find out more regarding the supported devices at!/article/iPod-faq.


I hope this helps.

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