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v0.7.1 using iOS 5.0

v0.7.1 using iOS 5.0

Should this work OK on iOS5? I have downloaded the new version of spotify v0.7.1 and its lost the sync for all my songs and now it only sync around 50/60 songs then stops and doesn't sync anything else.

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I have premium and I just updated to the newest Spotify this morning on my iPhone 5 and now suddenly any playlist that was synced up with my iTunes, most of the songs are now unavailable in the playlist. For example, I open a playlist and "I'll Fall With Your Knife" by Peter Murphy is listed but unavailable to play, but if I search for the song I can find it and play it. The playlist worked fine yesterday. I have quite a few playlists and all of them are like this. Playlists that used to say 150 songs are now down to 30 songs some even down to 0. 


I have tried logging out, restarting, any help would be appreciated.


It should work. This sounds a little odd, what iPhone are you using? How much free space do you have?

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space isn't an issue as all the music was synced before. I have deleted the new app and reinstalled 3 times and same problem. i have now gone back to spotify for ios4 and that works fine. not ideal though

This is happening to me, too. 

iPhone 5 (iOS version 6.1) running Spotify 

This new version seems to have broken my local files. I can't sync any files at alll. They're on my iPhone taking up space, but Spotify is not reading them. Local Files says "0 tracks" and, of course, I'm unable to see any tracks in my playlists.

Upon checking a playlist to sync, the checkmark immediately disappears and it will sometimes revert to "Sync all music to this device".

I've tried deleting the Spotify app and restarting the phone. Switching to the Spotify to iOS 4 app works.

iPhone 5, latest iOS. Space is not an issue, as I have plenty of it and I'm not trying download anything to the phone. This not a local file issue, this is a playlist issue. On my desktop I made playlists in iTunes (long before Spotify), brought the playlists into spotify (as opposed to making playlists directly in spotify), some songs were unavailable on spotify, no big deal, but as of the update all songs that were not directly put in a playlist through spotify are grayed out and won't play in the playlist, though if I do a search can find and play song outside playlist.

I'm having the exact same problem.  It's very frustrating and wishing I never updated my app.

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