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Still seeing ads in Premium!!??


I've just renewed my Premium subscription after not having it for a month, and I'm still noticing ADS being disgustingly displayed on my Spotify. I don't get any music ads in between songs and I don't mind the occasional notification telling me about a bands songs, but this atrocious banner ad I see at the bottom of my screen is really making my eyes bleed.


As a college student I don't have much money to spend every month. Spending $10 continuously is most definitely a sacrifice for me, but I'm willing to make it because I sincerely enjoy Spotify and it's available music database. However, I don't feel that my $10 is justified if I'm still seeing garbage banner ads at the bottom of my screen. 


It could be user error (me not finding the right setting to turn off, and I have searched other threads relating to this issue) but if I'm already paying for premium shouldn't it just take away all the ads automatically? Or do I have to still glare at banner ads that clutter my spotify screen, and that make the program unimpressive to use? 


Any input is greatly appreciated, please advise.


Cheers all,

Spotify user.

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