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Spotify not showing devices, iPhone 6 (and PS4) not updating playlists

Hey guys, I've had this issue for a while now - I'm using my Macbook Pro and iPhone 6 (with Spotify Premium). When I add songs to my desktop playlist, the phone no longer auto updates (as it used to) and so my mobile version has playlists that are missing 40+ songs that my desktop has. I also connected my PS4 to my account yet the playlists are in the same state as on my iPhone. Spotify 'connect' works smoothly on all 3 so they are connecting fine - the issue seems to be that my desktop version will not show my iPhone as a device. After searching and trying many 'fixes' from this forum and elsewhere, the issue still remains (many 'solutions' seem to be years old) so any fix would be greatly appreciated as at the moment I feel that I'm wasting my money on premium when features it promises aren't working for me.


tl;dr - iPhone and PS4 arent updating align with desktop version, desktop version not showing any device list


Thanks in advance!

Who Me Too'd this topic