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Clarification on Offline Mode and stored content

I have been saving playlists to my iPhone to listen to in the car and avoid using data. Obviously I don't want to take my phone "offline" while in my car and I eave my data on at all times.


My question is if the song/file has been downloaded to my device and is taking up memory, and I play it but still have an LTE/3G connection, is the Spotify playing the downloaded/local file or streaming it even though it is physically stored on my device?


Do you have to go deep into the settings to put the app into "Offline Mode" every time you get in your car and subsequently turn it off when you actually want to stream other content not stored on your phone?


I have been runing under the assumption that the app is using the downloaded/local file but my data usage may suggest otherwise...


Thanks for any help.

Who Me Too'd this topic