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Local tracks won't download to my phone.

Didn't get any answers in my old thread because of not using the right template. Redoing it!


1. Short summary

Basically my problem is that spotify won't sync my local files (embedded in my offline playlists). Under the device menu on my computer, the playlist are checked. The ones having local files in them are just saying "Pending" and won't start downloading the local tracks.


2. History

2.1 About a year ago I bought a premium subscription for spotify. I added songs to my playlists (including local tracks) and it all worked fine.

2.2. I never changed phone or computer, their software has been updated though.

2.3 About 4 months ago (i think?) spotify started crashing whilst trying to play local files. I assumed it was a bug in the newest updated and didn't pay too much attention to it.

2.4 For some weeks i've been trying to find a solution to this but have not find one yet.

2.5 Then i followed all the steps (three times) in the troubleshooting section. None of it helped.


As said in "2.5" i've tried all the steps without any success. I have also tried redoing playlists and/or adding and deleting the songs again from my desktop spotify. Changed the options to sync over 3G etc.


3. What happened/what i expected to happend

Both of my devices, computer and phone has been restarted whilst doing the troubleshooting.

I expected the phone to start downloading the local files, instead it just says the usual - "the track is not available".


4. Hard- and software

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2

OS: Android 4.0.4

Spotify android version:

Spotfiy desktop version:

Computer OS: Windows 7

Phone Operator: Telia, Sweden


Spotify name: Schonefeld (didn't find the number asked for in the troubleshooting guide).


Hope this can help solve my problem,

Thanks in advance.




Who Me Too'd this topic