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Song overflow icon has too small of a hit area

Casual Listener

The touch area around the overflow icon on the right of every song is *WAY* too small. This causes two painful (and painfully common) problems.


The first is when you go and try to hit more options and it scrolls you to the middle of the playlist somewhere and you lose your place–super not cool.


The second is when you're in a group setting and everyone is queueing a couple of songs up and you accidentally hit the song instead of the icon, and you skip whatever song was playing and jump straight into the one you wanted to queue. Then you have to awkwardly apologize and stress how you "only wanted to queue it" while everyone stares at you like "you **bleep**, you do this every time." Can someone say party foul?


Please please please fix this. It's not a time consuming fix–I say, without knowing anything about your code. In theory though, make the ImageView larger (48dpx48dp would be nice) and increase the padding correspondingly so that the icon doesn't look bigger and change the scrollbarStyle from the overlay ones to the inset ones so it doesn't overlap.

Who Me Too'd this topic