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Spotify running not working on multiple devices with same account

Hi there,


Brief description of the issue: I have a strange issue with Spotify running. A few weeks ago  I started getting the following message when I tired to use "Running": Sorry, something went wrong. That didn't work. Please have another go. 


The issue now happens everytime.


I have uninstalled the app, cleared the cache, etc and reinstalled however it still gives the same problem.


I have also tried it on two other devices, using my account and it does not work on those devices either. It does however work on my device when I tested with another persons account. So it seems to be an issue with my account rather than any device.



I have a premium account.


The devices I have tested on are:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Android 5.1.1)

Nexus 5 (Android 6)

HTC One M (?? not sure the Android version).


I been using the latest version from the play store on each device (


Everything else on my account works fine, just not running.


Would be grateful for some help.





Who Me Too'd this topic