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Local files not adding to android player...

Hello all,

I have recently upgraded my mobile phone for Samsung Galaxy S7.  I have installed Spotify and logged in successfully.  Playlists and everything appear OK. Except...


My local files synchronised previously from my laptop (Windows 10), are now showing as unavailable files in the playlists.


I can see the laptop as a connectable device, can connect and play on it... so I'm pretty sure it is connected via same wifi network.  But I cannot for the life of me get the local files to re-synch to this new phone.  On my laptop, I have disconnect the local file source and re-connected it again... all to no avail!


To be frank, the local file handling capability is pretty crap and hit and miss... compared to say Google Play - which is really straight forward!  But I persevere as Spotify has by far the best catalogue of my favourite Northern Soul tunes!


So, can anybody give me any idea how I can force the local files to reflush over to my mobile?  Pulling my hair out!

Who Me Too'd this topic