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Spotify stops playing after a minute!

So your Spotify seems to be stopping after a minute or so of playback. Let's try and get it working again. Below, I've popped a couple of troubleshooting suggestions for you. 


* First of all, try restarting your phone. Recently, we have seen this to be working for a number of users who seem to leave their devices on most of the time. 


* Next step, a force close of Spotify. In the application, hold down the power button until the "Slide to Power Off" option appears, then hold down the home button. This should close the application. Open it up again, and it hopefully should be working. 


* If that doesn't work, try changing the streaming / sync quality settings in your settings menu from the default option. You might also have some luck turning off Gapless and Crossfade Tracks.


* Still no luck? Then it might be time for a clean installation. All the instructions you need can be found right here


These should hopefully stop Spotify pausing for you! 

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