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Undo the change done to rap caviar

1. It's buggy as all **bleep**
2. It's hideous
3. It makes you re-download every song every time you visit the playlist (R.I.P. offline listening)
4. It plays videos scarily similar to ads, get rid of these or make a way to hide them for premium users
5. It plays music videos that you can ONLY WATCH IN THE APP!!! It freezes your playlist and you either have to keep your phone on during the thing or skip it, who thought this was a good idea to start off with? I just want to listen to music.
6. Did I mention It's ugly? But to clarify, it looks like something MySpace would try to become 'hip' again, it ruins the UI, and worst of all the center picture is zoomed in by so much it's just pixels at that point

Please revert or add an option to go back to normal, this is honestly a huge mistake.
Who Me Too'd this topic