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[ALL PLATFORMS] Spotify Premium is a joke... why isn't Spotify doing anything about it?

I've loved Spotify Free on the desktop for quite some time now, so I finally decided to purchase Spotify Premium.  Each day that goes by using it, I discover more nuances and hassles due to poor design and lack of features.  After searching through these forums, I've realized most of the issues have been reported and voted many times by the community for many YEARS now (I've seen threads all the way back to 2013!), and to this day, nothing has been resolved or even commented on.  It makes me believe Spotify is just out to get our money and doesn't care about their user's feedback.  


- Most of the threads that report the issues are responded with 'this thread doesn't have enough kudos, so we'll mark it as unavailable for now'.  The problem with that though is that they keep merging people's threads, but keeping the old threads open, so those kudos are not all in one thread but in many threads (as kudos are not locked in older threads)!  This makes the kudos counts look lower, but if you tallied up all the kudos in the various older threads it would equal up to thousands of kudos.


Here is a summary of the key issues that most Premium users are complaining about (which you can find many threads on):

1. You can't download individual songs in an album unless you add them to a Playlist or mark your entire Song catalog as 'Downloaded'.

2.  There is no option for 'Offline Mode' to be set automatically when you're not connected to Wi-Fi (you have to manually go into Settings each time and toggle it)

3.  Songs in your own playlists do not get added to 'Songs' catalog, you have to add them separately.  This is especially troublesome when you're trying to keep track of what songs you have downloaded offline.

4. The 'Shuffle' algorithm needs a complete revamp.  It's broken, and has been for many years.  They've tried to defend it, but the complaints keep rolling in.  It is ridiculous with the amount or repeated songs and especially by the same artists.

5.  The entire 'Offline Mode' needs a revamp and should essentially turn the app into a regular music player, hiding all the online features. Currently, we're bomboared with 'You're offline' pages, which makes the app look pathetic and cumbersom when on the road.


These are all such basic features/issues that can be easily implemented/fixed, yet they choose not to for years now.  The competition all has this already from the start, so it's mind-boggling why Spotify hasn't done anything yet. 


I really hope this thread comes to their attention and they at least give us all some hope, or at least comment on why nothing has been done all these years.



Who Me Too'd this topic