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"401 Unaouthorized" with Logitech Touch

Hi All.


I have been using Spotify Premium (SP) to stream to my hi-fi via a Logitech Duet.  The Duet has died, so I just purchased a Logitech Touch, which should support Spotify.


I set up the Touch, and then set up a new Logitech Media Server on a spare PC, referenced my music on the PC and then set up my Spotify Preium  account.   I am logged into MySquuzeBox OK, and it knows I have a Spotify account.    Something not quite right!  I get:

My Music plays fine

I get a green Spotify logo in the Touch primary menu, AND in the "My Apps" menu.

Other MyApps work OK, SOMAFM and "sounds and effects" work fine, as does Internet radio

HOWEVER, when I try Spotify from either link, no matter what I do I get a "401 unauthorized" message


Stopped and restarted everything, and still no luck.


I also know my SP account is OK, as I can get it working in 5 secs via my iPad, and via a PC.


Has anyone had a similar problem and been able to fix it???


       Thanks......Anthony L

Who Me Too'd this topic