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Frequent Spinning Green Circle/"Go Online to Access Menu" Connectivity Problems

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I've got a reoccurring issue with Spotify on my HTC M8 (although I'm sure I originally enountered it on my previous phone, an M7). Every 2-3 months or so I will start to encounter frequent delays and hangs when navigating menus and using various functions such as the Search function and Share/Add to playlist. It doesn't seem to cause any notable issues with streaming music, but I frequently encountered the spinning green circle, an error message saying "Go online to see menu",before the feature I'm trying to access times out. I encounter this with maybe 30-50% of the menu selections I make.


I've got no other connectivity issues with the phone, no bandwidth heavy apps running on my phonem, and it happens both on wifi and through my data connection.

Reinstalling the app, in conjunction with deleting the device from my Spotify account, seems to make it go away for a while, but it's happened maybe 4-5 times now over the lasst 9-12 months. I'm running the currennt release version of Spotify.


Has anybody else seen this issue, and is there a fix for it?



Who Me Too'd this topic