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How do I get rid of an inbox notification???


Can someone please let me know how to get rid of the notification for new inbox items once I've seen them and/or played them????


I'm using the Spotify app for iOS on my iphone, and when my girlfriend sends me a song to my inbox, I get a notification badge show up on the app itself from my iphone home screen.  When I open the app and go to my inbox, the song she sent is there with a blue dot beside it, just like on the desktop version of Spotify.  But, on the desktop version, when you click the blue dot, the notification goes away and it's no longer considered a new message.  That function doesn't seem to be there in the iOS app.  When I try to click the blue dot, the song begins to play, or I can swipe to get the option to delete, but that deletes the song from my inbox altogether.  


All that said, the product of all of this is that the red notification badge on the app button off the home screen never disappears.  It's annoying to see notifications popping up on my homescreen that I can't get rid of.  I've gone to the desktop version of Spotify and tapped the blue dot there, so that the song is no longer considered new to the inbox, and on the desktop version this gets rid of the notification, but even then the iOS app still shows the old notifcation from that same song.  And that is true even after force quittting the app.


So, any solution?  I'd greatly appreciate it.



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