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Charged for premium on free trial

I've been charged 9.99 when I cancelled well before the 30 days were up. After trying to find a number to call, I find that I can only contact through the contact forms. After doing more research, I've seen how poor Spotify is in getting back to people with these problems. So not only can I not call to get immediate results, I have to wait for Spotify at their convenience to give me my money back. Which could be a couple months and another  9.99 charge.


Yes, I filled out your form to get help, but I don't get how an organization can get away with not posting some kind of customer service number. Especially when they're wrongfully taking peoples money. I've read a lot of cases having this same problem just in the past couple weeks.


I was a happy Spotify user until this happened, and this really puts a bitter taste in my mouth.

Who Me Too'd this topic