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Spotify on iphone (premium) playing VIA USB in Ford Fiesta - not working

Casual Listener

Okay, need some help:

I use my iphone to play music.
I connect it using the USB port on my centre console, it normally works fine...

I got spotify premium to play music without having to HAVE it.

The problem is:

When I plug the phone in, the music from spotify doesn't play (or plays like a beat then stops)

The only way I found to fix this is to pull the phone out, stop the song, plug it back in, play the song for 5 seconds then turn my radio to play from my phone, but after that song finishes, it happens again...

Anyone know how to get it working constantly without cutting out?
Or if it's an error on spotifys side (works perfect when not plugged into the car))
or the iphone, or fiesta?

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